Vegas Bachelorette Trip

I think there are two types of people, those that love Vegas and those that don't. Kelsey Sugg, now Nolte, is someone who LOVES Vegas. Her bachelorette trip destination might have been the easiest decision she made during the whole wedding planning process. I wouldn't say that all of her bridesmaids shared the same affinity for Sin City, but everyone put their game faces on for Kels. 


This was the third trip I'd taken with Kelsey to Las Vegas, but the first during the summer, i.e. pool party season. We decided to stay at The Cromwell because our bride had a thing for all of the pink at the hotel pool lol. In the past we'd stayed at Caesar's and the Cosmo, but we all agreed that we liked the convenient location and smaller size of The Cromwell! 


Kelsey's best friend, Taylor, takes the cake for best MOH ever. I've never met someone so on top of life. She sent us itineraries and checklists weeks ahead of time. Our first night in Vegas, she had fun gift boxes for us with hats, sunglasses and bachelorette bits! Kelsey had ordered a Chambong and forced everyone to try it before we left the hotel. 

Because it was so late when we got in, we did a casual dinner at Secret Pizza in the Cosmo and then stayed at the club in our hotel. 


Friday morning we did brunch at Sugar Factory! It's an uber ride from the heart of the strip, but not far at all. It was great for a big group... the milkshakes are over the top, but worth. it. Most restaurants won't split tickets for you, so having everyone use venmo was clutch. 


After brunch, we suited up and headed to Drais' Beach Club on the rooftop of our hotel. I wish I had video footage of all of us walking in, 10 girls deep, having no idea what to expect... with the exception of our fearless leader, the pool party loving bride. After the initial culture shock and realization that drinks were $40 each, we had a blast! Frozé all day. 


Friday night dinner was at Rose, Rabbit, Lie in the Cosmopolitan. While you eat, performers roam the restaurant singing, serenading, tap dancing and playing instruments... and the food is delicious. This was my second time here and I loved it just as much as the first. We decided on sequins/sparkle for dinner... it made packing and getting ready easier! Kirsten made all of our reservations ahead of time, so waiting on tables was never an issue. 

bodishblog vegas.JPG

Saturday was by far my favorite day of the trip... BECAUSE WIGS. Everyone ordered pink wigs to wear to brunch... I might've ordered several... and done a mid-day wig change because I couldn't decide on just one. Most of us ordered ours via Amazon! 


Brunch was at Yard Bird in the Venetian. Southern food with Western decor, would totally go back! The chicken and waffles were amazing. 


After brunch our pink wig posse wandered around the Venetian. We grabbed gelato and camped out on the stairs, posing for pictures with strangers. I love the kitschy charm of the indoor canal and painted ceilings!


It was an easy walk back to The Cromwell from the Venetian. Moments after this photo of Adrienne, she was jumping across a cross walk, Buddy-the-Elf style, and lost her wig, left in the middle of the Vegas strip in a hair net. I'm laughing just thinking about it. 


Pool party day 2 was a different story from day 1... we were seasoned veterans. (notice wig change)

We couldn't stop laughing when we realized we were the only girls at the pool drinking out of souvenir cups... we were the only girls at the pool who didn't have guys offering to buy our drinks, and the souvenir cups were a better deal. LOL. 


Our final meal in Vegas was at Beauty and Essex... also in the Cosmo. Their Vegas location is new, but it's really similar to the one in New York. You enter through what appears to be a pawn shop, to find a posh, clubby restaurant. 

We went out with a bang and somehow stayed awake for a 3am Wiz Khalifa concert.  


Not sure if I should be embarrassed to admit this or not, but I might be one of those people who love Vegas...